Ian Shive: Cinematography Demo Reel

For the last two years, leading conservation photographer Ian Shive has traveled the planet photographing some of the world’s wildest places . Now for the first time ever he is sharing a secret – broadcast quality HD footage that was shot on location at the same time as the photos. In just a few minutes, you’ll experience some of our planets most stunning landscapes in a dream-like montage including Palau, Micronesia, underwater worlds of Cuba, Yosemite National Park, California, the Cayman Islands, Glacier National Park, Montana, Channel Islands National Park, California, Valdivia Coastal Reserve, Chile, the lower Himalayan Mountains, India, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, the Taj Mahal, India, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, Salt Lake, Utah, Antelope Valley, California, The Island of Hawaii, Maui, Hawaii, Rishikesh and the Ganges River, India, and Vrindivan, India among others.

[vimeo 57244431]

Produced by Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. Edited by Ian Maliniak. Music by M83.

Medieval City of Dubrovnik, Croatia

I spent the last two days working my way down the Dalmatian Coast, passing briefly through Bosnia-Herzegovina, and into the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik. Like many of the major destinations in Hrvatska (Croatia), the old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mostly attained because of it’s rich history which included being one of the most important trade hubs in the region – rivaling only Venice, Italy – and calling it’self home to many notable poets, playwrights, painters and other scholars. It’s obvious even today to see why it was home to a large stable of creatives, as it’s beauty and rich architecture is still inspiring, especially to me. 

The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

As the sun rises on the Adriatic Sea, small boats with Homer-esque sails more apt for a tale from the Iliad ferry along the white caps towards the medieval town of Split, Croatia. Red roofs are the first to be warmed by the sun, followed by vineyards, farms and eventually, the walls of ancient castles themselves. Roosters crow at first light and bread is still hand-made here. Food is rich with flavor, a blend of ancient Roman tradition and Mediterranean culture from a Slavic people. This is life in Dalmatia. 


Costa Rica is Pura Vida

Pura Vida. The words mean “pure life” and are used everywhere to describe this place – your menu, t-shirts – but it’s more than marketing, it’s reality.  The air here is humid and warm…embracing. It’s the sort of place you can walk in the sand with your flip-flops and it doesn’t get up in your toes and hurt…it’s soft. The streets are full of potholes and mud but just out of reach of their splash you find hand-rolled cigars and a culture that constantly reminds you to live your life, enjoy it to the fullest. I can see how easy it is to get lost here as days roll into weeks like the waves that so many people travel here to surf. Pure Life. Perfect.

tamarindo surf