An Evening with Al Gore

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet with one of the most influential environmental activists of our time. Regardless of what you may believe or where you may stand on politics, Al Gore has managed to succeed in areas and accomplishments that most Americans can only dream to attain. Our former Vice President seemed a little tired but still plowing through the evening, inspiring those around him. Myself a proud member of his Alliance for Climate Protection, I was thrilled to have this experience.


Los Angeles Photo Exhibit / Insanity Kicks In

I am in the midst of putting on a major exhibition of my photography in Los Angeles on August 2nd and working furiously to manage the promotional aspect as well as the creative challenges. As things come down to the wire, I wanted to diverge from the normal photo of my work and give a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into my evening of print preparation. These are some of the smaller sized images that I began titling and signing this evening as well as inspecting them for any flaws. Tomorrow, they are off to be framed.

exhibit preparations

Morro Bay, California

Taking a Sunday afternoon “day trip”in typical Ian-fashion means driving four solid hours up the California coastline. Thankfully it happens to be one of the most stunning drives in America. My turn around point was Morro Bay located on what people refer to as “Central Coast.” A quaint little town where the local clam chowder shops far exceed the number of traffic lights, my companion and I stopped for a few photos before making our way back south.




Bioluminescent Mushrooms

When I posted a quick click from my hut in the rainforest a few weeks ago, one of the images of a glow-in-the-dark mushroom became an instant hit spawning quite a few emails to my inbox. Finally having some time back in the states to sort through my images, I’ve decided to post a few more shots of these little glowing funghi.

Bioluminescent Mushrooms are a rarity here on planet earth as I learned while trying to figure out the name of these little glowers. There are very few good photos and what photos there are, they are vague in helping identify them. After several emails to some of the leading biologists specializing in this field – from Brazil and Berkeley, California – I’ve learned the name of my little discovery – Mycena Chlorophos. I also learned that they actually glow due to a metabolic reaction and most likely not because of what the indigenous cultures called a “glow worm.” So with that – I leave you two new photos (digital composites) so that you can also enjoy with me this awesome phenomenon.



Los Angeles Photography Exhibit

I’m very excited to announce my first photography exhibit in Los Angeles, taking place at the premiere photographic production house, A&I in Hollywood. Below is the official invite. This exhibit opens on August 2nd and will feature more than 20 images from my collection of work. The event is open to the general public and is free of charge with the profits from purchases of any of the photographs benefitting the National Parks Conservation Association, a group I am proud to work with and support.  The images will be very large and a great evening out with free food and of course, an open bar.



Architecture prevails in Putrajaya, a city envisioned and constructed in one fell swoop. As the new offices of the Malaysian government including the Prime Minister, they are architectural endeavors that are stunning and monumental. My trip began here and ironically ends here with a mellow evening of sunset photography.

Palace of Justice