Malibu Beach, California

I enjoy heading out to Malibu because it’s relatively close enough to my home to require almost no advanced planning or thought. Since so many of my other photo exploits require plane tickets, rental cars, hotel or campground reservations, etc. I inevitably lose a great deal of spontaneity. This weekend I just decided last minute to take a drive along the Southern California coastline and see what there was to photograph.

Leo Carillo State Beach

Tide Pool

LA Photo Exhibit

The evening last night was nothing short of perfect. A&I Photographic in Hollywood hosted my photography with a stunning amount of class and perfection. Over 200 people attended and great exposure was given to the beneficiary of the evening, the National Parks Conservation Association. All in all – it was a success – and almost hard to believe that my images were hanging around this entire room on display for all of Los Angeles.




Night before the “big show”

Feeling a little bit like the night before Christmas, I’m excited about tomorrow night’s upcoming exhibit. It will be a great night for environmentalism on a whole and the National Parks Conservation Association as well as being an amazing way to see my photos – as even I have never seen my own images so large before. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there! Look back here on Friday for some images from the event.