The Human Footprint

With Earth Day 2008 behind us, it’s a great time to reflect upon our impact on the planet. Despite the arguments for and against global warming, how can we ignore the other impacts in our daily lives? I wake up in the morning at my home in Los Angeles to find a layer of brown and black soot covering my car – pollution that has settled over night. A woman I talked to while on assignment in Canada mentioned how the bee’s have stopped coming to her garden. Menus in seafood restaurants in Washington D.C. have “sustainable” as part of the wording. “Genetically Modified” is part of the packaging of our meats at the local supermarket. Las Vegas is struggling to find enough fresh water to last just a few more years with no long-term plan in sight. So I say – forget global warming – look at the battles we are fighting just to stay healthy and to maintain our lives as people of this planet. Can it really be so bad to reduce CO2 emissions so our lungs stop breathing it in? Could it be so bad to be more responsible with our chemicals so that the bee’s return to the fields? Like Thomas Paine said during the other great American achievement (independence) – it’s all about common sense.