2012 Year in Review

It was another banner year for Ian Shive, the photographer. As many of you know, most of my time is dedicated towards enhancing the careers of over 400 other photographers via my stock photography and motion clip licensing agency, Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. and as an instructor of photojournalism and advanced photojournalism at one of the world’s leading educational institutions, the University of Southern California.

Tandem had its own banner year with a major expansion and our first retail store. But beyond the accolades of the agency, I’ve also had a stellar year working for some of my favorite clients in some of the wildest places on the planet.

One of my personal favorite achievements was the cover of The Nature Conservancy magazine for my story on the Tehachapi Wildlife Corridor. I am also proud to capture the cover of National Parks magazine for my story on Hidden Yosemite.
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I was also fortunate enough to take the 2011 Annual Report cover and accompanying interior spreads for TNC, photographed in Hawaii, and their Caribbean Division Report, photographed in Cuba, both were long form assignments that allowed me to spend time in the warm climates of these radically different but no less stunningly beautiful locations.










Additionally, I had yet another cover and major interior spreads for the Sierra Club’s 2011 Annual Report.

In addition to the above, I was also fortunate to visit Southern Chile where I photographed images of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a new reserve launched by several environmental non-profits including The Nature Conservancy. For a week I photographed artisan fishing efforts, coastal restoration and wild, raw landscapes.

The Nature Conservany Annual Report Photo Shoot / Valdivia, Chile

One of my aerial images from Palau was also ranked one of the most popular images in National Geographic’s Travel 365 collection.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 4.12.19 PM



















As if all of this wasn’t enough, I also managed to squeak out my first photography field guide in a form of an App available for the iPad in the iTunes Store, I was profiled in Travel & Leisure Magazine and conducted one of the best radio interviews of my  life on Los Angeles’ 95.5 KLOS Classic Rock station.

In a more memorable moment, one of my color images that looks black & white was hung next to Ansel Adam’s image that inspired it at the famous G2 Gallery in Venice, California.

photo 4

I also announced my first workshop taking place at my beloved Channel Islands National Park. In partnership with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, the G2 Gallery (where I’ll be conducting my first exhibit in April 2013) and the Channel Islands Park Foundation.


There were many other publications that ran my images including Lonely Planet, AARP, Mosaic, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Books, Sunset, Visit Montana and more.  I can not express enough my gratitude for the support that these organizations give to me by allowing me the opportunity to capture these important issues and bring them to the world in their publications. I can only imagine what 2013 will be like. Stay tuned!

Ian Shive: Cinematography Demo Reel

For the last two years, leading conservation photographer Ian Shive has traveled the planet photographing some of the world’s wildest places . Now for the first time ever he is sharing a secret – broadcast quality HD footage that was shot on location at the same time as the photos. In just a few minutes, you’ll experience some of our planets most stunning landscapes in a dream-like montage including Palau, Micronesia, underwater worlds of Cuba, Yosemite National Park, California, the Cayman Islands, Glacier National Park, Montana, Channel Islands National Park, California, Valdivia Coastal Reserve, Chile, the lower Himalayan Mountains, India, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, the Taj Mahal, India, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, Salt Lake, Utah, Antelope Valley, California, The Island of Hawaii, Maui, Hawaii, Rishikesh and the Ganges River, India, and Vrindivan, India among others.

[vimeo 57244431]

Produced by Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. Edited by Ian Maliniak. Music by M83.

Ian Shive Photography App

Ian Shive’s first interactive photography iPad app will be released Spring 2012 in the Apple iTunes store! The app will feature Ian’s first how-to book A Field Guide to Photographing the American Wilderness, which will not only provide technical details on 50 of Ian’s most popular photos including many of Ian’s most well-known National Park photos, but also delve into the thought process and approach to composing each scene. Every month the book will only continue to grow with new images and new behind-the-scenes tech knowledge. Nowhere else you can learn Ian’s best kept photo secrets.

In addition, Ian will get you ready to embark on your own photography adventure with gear check lists and a look inside Ian’s photo bag, photo essays, countless galleries and more. The app will feature videos and give you the opportunity to not just look at photos but learn and get involved in important environmental causes world wide.

Stay tuned for the release of the app this spring!

Ian Shive on Nature Conservancy Magazine Cover

Ian Shive’s photograph shot on assignment while doing double-duty for The Nature Conservancy appears on the cover of Autumn 2011 edition of the magazine. Ian shot two assignments for this issue, the cover story on Connecting Kids to Nature as well as a large story on individuals whose voice have affected the important land areas around them in Outside Voices. The magazine story takes on an interactive role with not only photographs of individuals in Hawaii, Kentucky, Tennessee, California and New York, all shot by Ian, but also intimate moments and stories captured on video and viewable on the interactive iPad App. I encourage you to download this free app and check out this beautiful magazine and the emergence of conservation stories in the interactive environment. You can also listen to an interview with Ian on The Nature Conservancy’s Mark Godfrey Selects.


Wild Life Starts Production

WILD LIFE: A New Generation of Wild
Leading young actors & award-winning nature photographer unite to bring the amazing experience of travel, nature, and the great outdoors to a new generation.

Los Angeles, CA: Actors James Lafferty (One Tree Hill), Stephen Colletti (One Tree Hill, Laguna Beach) and Stuart Lafferty (Death Sentence, One Tree Hill), will team up with Award- Winning Nature Photographer and Author Ian Shive, for a special unscripted pilot exploring some of the America’s wildest places.

A five-minute preview will be unveiled on GenerationWild.tv on Monday, April 18th. Behind-the- Scenes photos, journal entries from the field, and a 30-second sneak preview will go live on the site April 1, 2011.

The production is a not-for-profit initiative and will be produced by the Los Angeles based company Wild Collective, LLC.

About Wild Collective: Wild Collective is a Los Angeles-based production company. Past projects include creating dynamic content for the Dallas Cowboys, Apple Computers, PBS, Insight Editions and Current TV. For more information visit WildCollective.com

Click here to download a PDF of the press release

The National Parks: Our American Landscape Paperback Edition

Ian Shive is proud to announce a new version of his popular photography book, The National Parks: Our American Landscape, as a paperback edition, on shelves March 2011. This new edition will be available at a new easy to carry size and a more affordable price point, just $24.95, and feature over 40 new images from America’s National Parks and Ian’s continued journey since the original publication of the hardcover edition.

To purchase your copy in advance, click here and buy from Amazon at over 30% discount!

To read and download the full press release as a PDF, click here

The Republic of Palau, Micronesia

Below is my personal account of my current assignment. To read more about how the images were made and the technical specs behind them, please visit my post on the Outdoor Photographer magazine blog.

When viewed from the air, the islands of Palau rise out out of the Pacific Ocean like fuzzy green worlds surrounded by surreal blue waters and coral reefs, reminiscent of James Cameron’s Avatar. The experience here has been enlightening and like many of my assignments that take me to the far ends of the magnificent planet, my mind sometimes struggles to comprehend what it is I just saw. For nearly two weeks, I’ve been here in Micronesia on the edge of the Coral Triangle east of the Philippines shooting an assignment for The Nature Conservancy. Below are some of my images from this journey:

Flying overhead in the only helicopter available in Palau, I was able to really gain perspective and get a sense of scale – not only of the place I was in, but the importance of such a pristine ecosystem. I found the aerial flight incredibly moving.

I have long enjoyed complicated landscape photos, where the scene is incredibly busy but somehow organized and elegant in its design. In nature, this happens often and with perfection. This image of a pristine coral reef was photographed in some 30 feet of water, however at the top of the frame, you can see the trees of the rock islands. At first they appear like more coral, but soon you realize they are above the surface. Photos like this remind me that all worlds are connected.

Speeding through the islands on a high-powered, small craft was typically the most comfortable part of the day, as the wind cut through the humidity keeping me cool in the warm, dense air.

A geographical and evolutionary fluke, these jellyfish are trapped in a land-locked lake only a few hundred feet from the open ocean. Thousands of years ago, however, they became isolated in an environment from which they could thrive on the abundant plankton. Over time and with no predators, they evolved to become stingless jellyfish and now a popular place to go snorkeling with these mysterious and peaceful creatures.