Netting Nature

Using “mist nets” to capture birds, a team of scientists descended upon Malibu, California, to kick-off BioBlitz – a 24-hour survey of every species in the area. The survey includes anything and everything from insects to flowers to birds. The barely-visible nets are strategically positioned and after a few minutes, the cataloguing begins. Once recorded, the birds are released back into the wild. 

Life on the Road

Lately, things have been hectic. I’ve been in every time zone in the U.S. in the last 60 days. I’m often driving around the western U.S. – assignments, stock shooting and everything in between. The places I go – Internet access is a privilege – not to mention a cell signal. This photo is me catching up on email and some multimedia work from a parking lot (with free wifi!) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Lake Mead, Nevada

I’ve recently been photographing along Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada. While there is still plenty of water for people to recreate on – it’s clearly evident that the levels are extremely low. As of now, the lake is almost 85 feet below normal levels. Below are some images from the lake – both on the ground and some aerials.