Photo Stories

I believe that a great photograph is more than just nice light, composition and technical execution. A great photograph tells a story. Unlike movies or television or even a short film on the web, you don’t need to watch a photo until the end to know what story it is telling. Instead the story is conveyed to you in an instant. It may even perhaps warrant a closer look but still, an emotion, a reaction, a sense of place and message is passed to you, the viewer. That is what powerful photography has always been about and what I strive to achieve in my own work.

What is perhaps even more telling is a photo essay, a full series of images from a single shoot or assignment that tells more story than just a passing moment but instead tells an in-depth story full of nuance and wonder. That’s what these galleries are about. I want to share more than just a single, spectacular frame with you, but instead share what assignment photographers are out there capturing and what we present to our bosses – the magazine editors. I’ve narrowed down the galleries to my top favorite images from the story and those that I feel tell it best. I hope you enjoy.

Coral Bleaching in Palau, Micronesia 

America’s National Parks

Traveling Through Tuscany

The Greatest Gathering of Humanity, Kumbh Mela, India

The Night Harvest: California Wine Country

Discovering Life in Vernal Pools