Tandem Celebrates 2 Years, Launches Major Expansion


On December 14th, Tandem celebrated its 2nd anniversary as a photography and motion clip stock licensing agency. And what better way to celebrate than to expand and enhance the Tandem interface into one of the most state-of-the-art websites in the world! It’s hard to find an outlet that doesn’t in some way prominently feature Tandem work, whether it’s the regular implementation of our images at leading publications or the massive billboards lining America’s highways with travel campaigns featuring our photographs. To that end, we’ve spent the last 6-months reinvesting and re-thinking how buyers find assets on the Tandem site and how by improving the shopping experience we can also help strengthen the livelihoods of photographers. Now, we encourage you to engage in this new cutting-edge interface:

iPhone Cases & Fine Art Prints

As you already know from the email a few days ago, Tandem has added its own retail division, Shop Tandem. We encourage you to check it out. The store will now engage not only regular stock buyers, but also the 50,000+ monthly consumer traffic Tandem gets from people who just like looking at our great images. As we add more designs we ask you to encourage your social community to engage in the site. In addition, Tandem has expanded its team to include a photo archivist who is helping clean up captions and add important keywords.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 9.34.04 AM

Featured Collections

With so many great images, sometimes buyers can get lost in an archive. In this latest expansion we have begun to organize images into collections; important themes that are our greatest strengths.

Tandem Vault: Digital Asset Management

Tandem has also launched Tandem Vault, a cutting-edge, cloud-based digital asset management system for companies looking to organize their internal assets using our sophisticated software.

Vault is only available to mid to large-size corporations at this time but we encourage you to check out the options available on the homepage as we’re exploring ways to expand this secure system to our community of photographers looking to back-up and manage their private assets whether or not they are part of Tandem Stock.

To date, Tandem Vault is managing a half dozen leading corporation’s archives. Like the rest of Tandem, this is already an exciting and profitable venture that only helps strengthen the foundation of the Tandem brand.

Feel free to stay in touch and remember – the more you help promote these new portals the better we all do as a community. We hope that you enjoy Tandem 3.0 as much as we enjoyed putting it together!