California Salmon Run

Today I began shooting underwater on a small creek in Northern California where the annual salmon migration has gotten underway. It was an amazing feeling  as these enormous salmon thrust their bodies upstream, often moving around my legs. Their purpose was unified and without doubt as these determined creatures made their journey upstream.

salmon swimming upriver

Many salmon die along the way due to the struggle
dead salmon

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Ian Shive at EcoNouveau

Kicking off Los Angeles’ Fashion Week, Ian Shive Photography exhibited photos at the environmentally conscious runway show EcoNouveau. The evening was a fascinating mix of interviews, artwork and eco-friendly fashion.


Ian Shive and Musician Ryan Merchant

The Fashion Runway

The Exhibit

Thunderstorm on Lake Superior, Wisconsin

While visiting the Northwoods of Wisconsin this past week, I stopped to watch a storm roll in over Lake Superior. This photo was taken from the beach of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, part of the National Park Service. The storm and wind passed only minutes after this photo was taken, but rain moved in to replace it for the next couple days.


New England Sunrise

The air was still cool this morning as I stood on the edge of a remote pond in Western Maine, not far from the Canadian border, hoping that just a little piece of the rising sun would break through the fog that had begun to roll in. The call of a loon in the distance echoed as I waited patiently for this moment that only last a few minutes before the fog became so thick that from the shoreline the lake looked as though it were never even there.