Recent Work

So I realize that this blog has basically become a brag and less blog. Too many news clippings, published work, etc. and while it’s all great and I’ve had an excellent year and feel incredibly fortunate – amidst all of the book campaigning I have had time to shoot (!) and wanted to share some of the recent work from the last few months.

Sunset on classic view of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California

Tents aglow in Curry Village, Yosemite National Park, California

Valles Caldera, bordering Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico

Brian Murphy, world record athlete, paddle boarding in Southern California

Brian Murphy rests on his board above a school of fish

Can’t find The National Parks? Look no further!

In a stroke of good fortune (in the most bitter sweet of ways) my book has become a hot commodity with most retailers running out, includig Amazon who ran out after a huge burst of sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No fear for those Amazon customers – my publisher assures your books will be delivered before Christmas. However I’ve received emails from Canada to Kansas asking where they can get the book because it’s sold out everywhere. Well look no further! Barnes & Noble has the book if you purchase it online for 41% off for members! So click below to place your order today.


Wild Collective Launches!

Ian Shive is proud to launch a new multimedia, television and film production company, WILD COLLECTIVE. Together with co-founder and award-winning filmmaker Russell Chadwick, the company unites veteran Hollywood filmmakers focused on creating top-tier productions for the global community at an affordable price. The company brings together not just Shive and Chadwick, but a team of award winning editors, producers, cinematographers, writers, photographers, animators and composers to create dynamic and original content for film, print, television, and the web.

Visit the official site to view projects