Architecture prevails in Putrajaya, a city envisioned and constructed in one fell swoop. As the new offices of the Malaysian government including the Prime Minister, they are architectural endeavors that are stunning and monumental. My trip began here and ironically ends here with a mellow evening of sunset photography.

Palace of Justice


2 responses to “Putrajaya

  1. Love the shot with the exception of the vignetting at the top. The contrast of the dark vignetting and the hot highlights of the lights seem distrackting. Maybe croping into it which would lower the center perspective of ones eye just slightly.

    Looks like a Calatrava design.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I always enjoy hearing people’s opinions. The top was made intentionally dark using neutral density filters and isn’t vignetting (otherwise the other corners would be black as well). I personally liked the minimal aperture to star the lights which is a common and popular effect in architecture and ads a degree of mystic to the image.

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