An Evening with Al Gore

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet with one of the most influential environmental activists of our time. Regardless of what you may believe or where you may stand on politics, Al Gore has managed to succeed in areas and accomplishments that most Americans can only dream to attain. Our former Vice President seemed a little tired but still plowing through the evening, inspiring those around him. Myself a proud member of his Alliance for Climate Protection, I was thrilled to have this experience.


2 responses to “An Evening with Al Gore

  1. A thrill -no doubt. Lucky you.

    The Honorable one is a very busy man. I hope soon he will be able to relax a bit and come to our rescue to be President.

    Time for a COOL change,

    “Superman wears Al Gore pajamas”

  2. That’s great to hear about. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Vice President Gore, but I was inspired by his film to become part of the solution. I was so glad to hear that he was training folks to spread the message about the climate crisis. Thank you for everything you do.

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