Bioluminescent Mushrooms

When I posted a quick click from my hut in the rainforest a few weeks ago, one of the images of a glow-in-the-dark mushroom became an instant hit spawning quite a few emails to my inbox. Finally having some time back in the states to sort through my images, I’ve decided to post a few more shots of these little glowing funghi.

Bioluminescent Mushrooms are a rarity here on planet earth as I learned while trying to figure out the name of these little glowers. There are very few good photos and what photos there are, they are vague in helping identify them. After several emails to some of the leading biologists specializing in this field – from Brazil and Berkeley, California – I’ve learned the name of my little discovery – Mycena Chlorophos. I also learned that they actually glow due to a metabolic reaction and most likely not because of what the indigenous cultures called a “glow worm.” So with that – I leave you two new photos (digital composites) so that you can also enjoy with me this awesome phenomenon.



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