New England Sunrise

The air was still cool this morning as I stood on the edge of a remote pond in Western Maine, not far from the Canadian border, hoping that just a little piece of the rising sun would break through the fog that had begun to roll in. The call of a loon in the distance echoed as I waited patiently for this moment that only last a few minutes before the fog became so thick that from the shoreline the lake looked as though it were never even there.


Acadia National Park, Maine

Giving myself plenty of time to photograph Acadia National Park – one of America’s smallest parks – I arrived to find an onslaught of torrential downpours mixed with gloomy, white, overcast skies that never seemed to end. In other words, not so good for making photos. Despite it all, I made my best attempt to get a few photos and provide a little glimpse into the park.

Cadillac Mountain Summit
cadillac mountain

Snake amongst the Pine