A Photo for Myself

Tonight I traveled to the Malibu coast, not far from my home. There, I enjoyed the landscape, the sound of the ocean and a very low tide. It was a nice break to go out and shoot for myself…no deadlines, no “needs list” or contract. Just spending time with the camera, seeing if anything catches my eye and photographing it knowing that it doesn’t need to please anyone else but myself. But since I do enjoy the image, I might as well share it, too…

Ian Shive on cover of Big Sky Journal

Ian Shive’s image of the sun rising over a snowy forest in the Flathead region of Northwest Montana made the Winter 2008 cover of Big Sky Journal magazine. The magazine is the premiere publication of the Rocky Mountain region highlighting the culture, lifestyle and stories that making living in the rockies so amazing. Coming full circle, Big Sky Journal was one of the earliest publications to take note of Shive’s photography during his college days at Montana State University in Bozeman.

WTR08 Cover FINAL.indd