Join Ian Shive @ The Annenberg Space for Photography

“Water & Sky: A Photographic Journey from the Arctic to the Himalaya”

Registration for this event will go live Wednesday, May 26, 12pm PT and Thursday, May 27, 9:30am PT.
Thursday, June 3, 6:30-8:00pm

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Christian CravoJoin award-winning conservation photographer and author Ian Shive at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City, CA, on Thursday, June 3, 2010, 6:30 p.m., where he will present an archive of images that examine how our natural world interacts and is connected with the planet’s most valuable but increasingly threatened resource, fresh water, which constitutes 2.5 percent of the 70 percent of all water that covers Earth.

Ian’s photographs will trace the path that Arctic glaciers follow as they transform into rivers on the tundra, give witness to one of the world’s largest collections of terraced waterfalls in Eastern Europe two decades after the Bosnian Conflict of the 90s, as well as exploring the spiritually curative waters of the Ganges in the lower Himalayan Mountains and more.

Ian is the recent recipient of the Gold Medal, 2010 Nautilus Book Award, in the Great Peacekeepers category in recognition of his top-selling book The National Parks: Our American Landscape, released in August 2009 on Earth Aware Editions, for promoting “spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change…and offering the reader “new possibilities” for a better life and world, joining previous Nautilus Award winners including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Eckhart Tolle, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, among others.

Referred to as the leading chronicler of America’s National Parks today and a self-labeled “wilderness diplomat,” Ian and his book The National Parks: Our American Landscape were the focus of a presentation on the challenges facing America’s most beloved landscapes in Washington, D.C. in November 2009, hosted by Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Max Baucus.

Shive has dedicated his life to not only creating memorable photographs but also championing environmental awareness. Using photography as his primary tool, he has pioneered trends with new technologies to further the art of story telling through imagery. His photographs have appeared around the world in every major outdoor publication including National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Explorer, Outside Magazine, Sierra Magazine, The Nature Conservancy, National Parks Magazine, andPopular Science, as well as numerous other major publications.

Shive is a resident of Los Angeles, CA.

California, My Home

I believe that we all feel a vibe, a resonation, with certain places in this world. I’ve heard surfers describe the feeling they get from being in saltwater as electrical, literally. They explain it as the electricity in our bodies producing a charge when dropped in a big bath of salt water like the ocean, a natural conductor. For me, living in the state of California often gives me that same charge. I’m not originally from this state but have been a resident for nearly 13 years, spending most of it exploring this magnificent stretch of land where mountains fade into sea, deserts succumb to fields of wildflowers and the oldest, tallest trees in the world reach for some of the clearest skies in our country. It’s a place where a photographer doesn’t need words to do the job of explanation. Of all of these places, one of my favorites is in Central California on a private ranch where great wine is harvested and horses ride in open fields. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days this week snapping some images that I felt most represented the almost cinematic backdrop that this great state offers.

Ian Shive to speak at ASMP Los Angeles

On Wednesday, March 24th, take a photographic journey from the Florida Everglades to the highest mountain in North America with Ian Shive, author and photographer of the new book, The National Parks: Our American Landscape.

Shive will describe the challenge of finding new ways to document national parks that have already been photographed countless times – and how he brought a fresh perspective to that work.

Ian will explain how an aggressive marketing campaign led to the success of the top-selling title and describe how applying multimedia, social networking, and internet-based publicity were used to further develop his career in editorial and commercial photography.

Ian Shive is a Los Angeles based conservation photographer whose award-winning work has received critical acclaim nationwide. His images have appeared in numerous publications including National GeographicOutsideTimeU.S. News & World Report, and many others. Shive presented his images and perspective on climate change  at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. for the head of the National Park Service and members of Congress.

Shive is also the host and producer of the national park travelogue series, Wild Exposure, airing on Al Gore’s Current TV cable network.   He is also the co-founder of the multimedia production company, Wild Collective.




7 PM (doors open at 6:30)

1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
(Corner of Millwood and Abbot Kinney)
Venice, CA 90291

A Photo for Myself

Tonight I traveled to the Malibu coast, not far from my home. There, I enjoyed the landscape, the sound of the ocean and a very low tide. It was a nice break to go out and shoot for myself…no deadlines, no “needs list” or contract. Just spending time with the camera, seeing if anything catches my eye and photographing it knowing that it doesn’t need to please anyone else but myself. But since I do enjoy the image, I might as well share it, too…

Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort – Fine Art Print

Own an original, signed and titled fine art giclee print of Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort as photographed in Winter 2007 by Ian Shive. The image was on the cover of the 2007 issue of Ski Magazine and one of the first times in 25-years that a Tahoe area resort appeared on the cover. 

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24   kirkwoodcover

Channel Islands National Park, California

Below are a few recent photos of the Island Fox of Santa Cruz island. The fox has been federally listed as an endangered species since 2004 and is considered “critically endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources (IUCN) Red List. As it currently stands, this fox faces an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.



Netting Nature

Using “mist nets” to capture birds, a team of scientists descended upon Malibu, California, to kick-off BioBlitz – a 24-hour survey of every species in the area. The survey includes anything and everything from insects to flowers to birds. The barely-visible nets are strategically positioned and after a few minutes, the cataloguing begins. Once recorded, the birds are released back into the wild.