Ian Shive Photography App

Ian Shive’s first interactive photography iPad app will be released Spring 2012 in the Apple iTunes store! The app will feature Ian’s first how-to book A Field Guide to Photographing the American Wilderness, which will not only provide technical details on 50 of Ian’s most popular photos including many of Ian’s most well-known National Park photos, but also delve into the thought process and approach to composing each scene. Every month the book will only continue to grow with new images and new behind-the-scenes tech knowledge. Nowhere else you can learn Ian’s best kept photo secrets.

In addition, Ian will get you ready to embark on your own photography adventure with gear check lists and a look inside Ian’s photo bag, photo essays, countless galleries and more. The app will feature videos and give you the opportunity to not just look at photos but learn and get involved in important environmental causes world wide.

Stay tuned for the release of the app this spring!

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