California, My Home

I believe that we all feel a vibe, a resonation, with certain places in this world. I’ve heard surfers describe the feeling they get from being in saltwater as electrical, literally. They explain it as the electricity in our bodies producing a charge when dropped in a big bath of salt water like the ocean, a natural conductor. For me, living in the state of California often gives me that same charge. I’m not originally from this state but have been a resident for nearly 13 years, spending most of it exploring this magnificent stretch of land where mountains fade into sea, deserts succumb to fields of wildflowers and the oldest, tallest trees in the world reach for some of the clearest skies in our country. It’s a place where a photographer doesn’t need words to do the job of explanation. Of all of these places, one of my favorites is in Central California on a private ranch where great wine is harvested and horses ride in open fields. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days this week snapping some images that I felt most represented the almost cinematic backdrop that this great state offers.

2 responses to “California, My Home

  1. Ian,

    Love the photos, of course. Could you tell me how you shot the barn shot, i.e. filters, exposure? If you don’t mind giving up some secrets. 🙂 Absolutely beautiful!


    • Hi Julie – thanks for the note! I didn’t use any filters at all on the barn shot. In fact I had a bit of a meltdown that evening. I recently added a fluid head to my tripod to shoot more effective video but of course you can’t shoot vertical’s with this fluid head so I wanted to switch back to my traditional ball head tripod. In the pitch black of the ranch I tried to switch the tripod heads and could not for anything get the fluid off off. So this shot was actually really primitive in set-up. I took a deep breath and basically propped the camera up on my camera bag and did my best to level it (which worked surprisingly well). I then closed the barn doors letting just a crack of light to shine through for dramatic effect. Utilizing the high ISO range of my Canon 5DMKII and it’s low noise ratio I set my ISO to 1600, 16mm focal length (16-35mm f2.8 L series Canon lens) f3.5 @ 30 seconds.

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