It’s on shelves!

An exciting photo popped up my inbox this afternoon from National Parks magazine editor, colleague and friend, Scott Kirkwood. It was none other than a photo of my book on the shelf at Borders in Washington D.C. It’s official and finally starting to feel real. Be sure to pick up a copy to read an essay at the front of the book by Scott, as well as an essay by another NPCA editor and friend, Amy Marquis. 
Photo by Scott Kirkwood

One response to “It’s on shelves!

  1. Hi Ian

    Vacationing in southern Maine, this week, I was
    able to pick up a copy of the new book at Borders
    in Portland.

    Excellent piece of work and, as I’m a bit of a photo
    book junkie, was nice to see how well the files from the 5D hold up at larger repro sizes.

    The spread on pgs. 88-89 is among my favs.


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