Wild Exposure Episode 1 Launches!

Take a 6-minute journey through America’s Southwest from the Grand Canyon to the white gypsum dunes of New Mexico. Go behind-the-scenes of Ian’s new book, The National Parks: Our American Landscape, and tune-in to Current TV on your local cable provider to see episodes 2, 3 and 4 throughout the month of August and September.



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4 responses to “Wild Exposure Episode 1 Launches!

  1. The photo “Snake River with the Teton Range” in Sunset magazine doesn’t say from where the shot was taken. I’ll be on the road next week to that very Park, and would like to know.

    • Hi KC – thanks for writing. The shot was taken at the Snake River overlook along the main route through Grand Teton National Park. This shot was taken a few years back and you’ll notice that now the trees have begun to grow so high, that a good portion of the river has become obscured. It’s the ever changing landscape…enjoy your trip!

  2. Ian,

    Congratulations for putting together a very
    inspiring piece.
    Was the motion footage,including some timelapse
    sequences, shot with a ‘traditional’ video camera
    or was,perhaps, a 5D Mkll used.


    • Thanks Mark. I can’t take credit – the motion was captured by Russell Chadwick, a friend and partner on this particular endeavor. We used a Sony EX-1 HD camera which has a higher range and quality (true broadcast) than the Mark II.

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