Congressional Briefing and Exhibit on Borderlands

Photographers, Environmentalists, Human Rights Activists Join Forces to Highlight Impacts of Border Wall

Ian Shive’s images will be part of a group effort by the International League of Conservation Photographers and other non-profits to lobby U.S. Congress to halt construction of the border fence along the US/Mexico border. The legislation being reintroduced is the Border Security and Responsibility Act of 2009 by rep. Raul Grijalva (Tuscon, AZ). Ian’s photos appear in a short documentary  being presented at a Congressional briefing on Monday, April 27th and four of his images will be part of a group exhibit on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, April 29th. All are invited to attend the exhibit during the day until 5:30pm. Special thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for production of the film.
Rayburn Building Foyer, First Floor
Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street
Washington, D.C. 20003
Exhibit all day open to the public until 5:30pm

Portrait of Mexican Conservation Cowboy 
Portrait of Mexican “Conservation Cowboy.” Photo by Ian Shive

Aerial view of Border Fence construction, El Paso, Texas 
Aerial view of US (left) and Mexico (right) with border fence and construction zig zagging along the Rio Grande outside El Paso, Texas. Photo by Ian Shive. 

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