Angelo Coast, California

I realized tonight that I write on this blog or post photos – but share so little. The realization came when I was reading my friend and colleague, Amy Marquis‘ blog. As always, she sheds great perspective and insight into her life and thoughts and even a bit of what her daily routine is like. I thought perhaps tonight I should try and do the same.

Today, I spoke to no one. Not a single soul – just me and whatever song is stuck in my head.  I’m on a shoot this weekend for The Nature Conservancy and I’ve been stationed at a little rickety research cabin somewhere along the coast of Northern California. When I arrived here last night a key was waiting for me under a mat.  The night was cold, probably in the 40s and the cabin I’m in felt even colder inside. To stay warm, I booted up the wood burning stove. Always maintaining my fire, I cracked open my laptop and worked on some writing for my book which comes out this fall. It seems a cliche, but yes, apparently us writers and photographers do our work by a fire in a cabin in the woods somewhere. As the night wore on, I got sleepy and eventually fell asleep, as did my fire. Every few hours, the cold of the night would wake me and I’d have to rekindle the flames all over again. 
Soon, it was sunrise, still cold as ever but time to get to business. I drove into this place in the dark – the road much like batman’s driveway – thick with trees and dense brush on all sides as the curves wound deeper and deeper into the heart of wilderness. But as the sun came up, a veil of fog lifted off of the treetops and the world around me was revealed.
I dressed for my day – carhart insulated pants, layers of jackets, gloves and hats – I always carry a headlamp in my backpack with me – in case I ever get lost and find myself hiking at night. All my batteries are fresh and ready to burn energy. And into the woods I go…
…hours later, I emerge. A repertoire of images have assembled themselves on my flash cards and a day is down. Still singing to myself a little as I check the days work on my laptop and again – start up my fire. Another cold night in the north woods of California…
Angelo Coast Range Reserve 
Angelo Coast Range Reserve

Angelo Coast Range Reserve 

Angelo Coast Range Reserve

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