Channel Islands National Park

One of the greatest aspects of photograpy is that despite boundless amounts of planning you never really know what to expect. Sure, sometimes we think we’ve thought out every angle, every situation including the possibility of the unknown.  Perhaps you’ve even day dreamed little fantasies of idyllic situations or maybe catastrophic – and despite their lack of base in reality, in a way, it’s still sort of planning. However when photographing in nature, it’s sometimes hard to be prepared for the knock-you-off-your-feet beauty you encounter and sometimes you just don’t feel lucky enough to be the one there to witness it, let alone to photograph it. Well this was one of those trips. On Saturday morning my companion and I took off to the island of Santa Cruz some 20-miles West of Santa Barbara, California, in the Pacific Ocean. The weather report called for a foggy Saturday and a sunny Sunday and it was exactly the opposite (typical). In fact, the only sun to be had were the last few hours on Saturday evening. In just those two days I yielded what I believe will be a stunning variety of images which will go on to become part of my stock archive. The images range from elusive endangered species (island fox) to stunning cliff vistas and fields of yellow mustard seed wildflowers stretching as far as the eye could see. I even managed to get a little detail shot of the early morning fog on a spider-web.

Below are just a few photos I managed to edit through my bleary eyes tonight and I expect there to be dozens upon dozens more as I spend more time editing the next few days. Enjoy.

Morning Fox on Spider Web

Island Fox

Hiking the Mustard Seed Fields

Potato Harbor

Cavern Point Trail at Sunset

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