Recent Work: Texas Preserves

Photographer Ian Shive traveled the far reaches of Texas for The Nature Conservancy this summer to document four of the state’s nature preserves. Ian’s two-week trip started from one of Texas’ western points to one of its most eastern locations near the Matagorda Bay. Ian’s journey to Davis Mountain Preserve commences the project, traveling along the way to Dolan Falls Preserve, Love Creek Preserve, and ending at Mad Island Marsh Preserve. To see Ian’s entire Texas collection from this trip click here.

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Ian Shive Featured in Travel + Leisure Magazine

In the August 2012 issue of Travel + Leisure magazine, Ian Shive enlightens readers in “Undiscovered America: Secrets of the Parks.” Ian acquaints readers on how to have a private vacation inside of a tourist hotspot, our busy American National Parks. Ian shares his top secrets of where to stay, what to do, and where to find the esoteric locations where you can make the most stunning photographs of our “best idea.” To see more of Ian’s national park work click here.

Ian Shive Featured in Life Magazine book: America’s National Parks

Images from Ian Shive’s expansive national park collection is shared in Life Magazine‘s America’s National Parks: 67 Must See Destinations 2012 book alongside other Tandem Stills + Motion photographers. Ian’s manifold collection complements all seven of the book’s ecoregional chapters from “The Mountains” to “The Coast” in which his photos are displayed. Seen in multitudes throughout the book, two of Ian’s images introduce and act as opening images for chapters “The Mountains” and “The Red Rocks,” and another one of which closes “The Desert” as a two-page spread. To see more of Ian’s national park work click here.

Check out a portion of Ian’s recent work in O’ahu, Hawai’i on “The National Parks: Our American Landscape” Facebook page!

Photographer Ian Shive has just finished a two-week project in O’ahu, Hawai’i, with The Nature Conservancy/The Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi illustrating the integral role of water in Hawaiian culture as it flows from the peaks of the island’s mountains to its oceans. Ian additionally highlights the issues arising from an invasive species of algae growing in Hawai’i’s coral reefs from which composting at taro lo’i fields benefit and sea urchin maturation farms are used.

Ian Shive Featured in Nature Conservancy Magazine

Ian Shive’s work of the Marin Headlands headlines The Nature Conservancy Magazine‘s “California Dreaming.” Shive’s photos masterfully represent the San Francisco Bay Area’s iconic natural landforms. Issue #2 also highlights many of the other features of the Marin Headlands as seen through Shive’s lens. See all of Shive’s photos of the Marin Headlands here, or view the article and photo gallery here.

Ian Shive Featured in Examiner of Greater Media Newspapers

Ian Shive is featured in the Greater Media Newspaper’s Examiner to discuss how his unparalleled ability to capture the natural environment allows him to have a flourishing career as a conservation photographer, the publication of his book, and the development of his cutting-edge iPad app. The article talks of Shive’s advancements to publish his book,“The National Parks: Our American Landscape,” and it’s success leading to Shive’s project, the Wilderness Diplomacy initiative. Read the article here.

Ian Shive Photography iPad App Launches

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Get ready to embark on adventures of a lifetime when you download the Ian Shive Photography App for the iPad! Now you can accompany the recipient of the 2011 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography – Nature Photographer Ian Shive – today’s leading storyteller of America’s National Parks and author of the best-selling nature books “The National Parks: Our American Landscape” (Vols. I and II) – 24/7, up close and personal, as he documents the “wildest” places on land and under sea.

With the tap of a finger, this ginormous, interactive Ian Shive App zooms you in front-row center, PLUS behind-the-scenes, to join this maverick of photography on fantastic journeys through unforgettable landscapes and magical underwater terrain, including U.S. National Parks and other natural earthly treasures.

You’ll discover how Ian is inspired, what goes into making his photographs worthy of publication over and over, and learn how to make your own photos extraordinary including a complete check list of suggested gear, Pro step-by-step tips and techniques, countless personal photo essays, anecdotes, and a rare peek into the camera bag of Ian Shive himself.

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Cutting-edge and practical, a highlighted feature of the Ian Shive App is Ian’s unprecedented “Field Guide to Photographing the American Wilderness.” The digital field guide is easy-to-read format, invaluable resource of insightful, highly-applicable expertise, gathered from Ian’s Shive vast experience working under a variety of conditions from the typical to the extreme.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy too-many-to-list in detail, full-color Ian Shive photographs AND videos that will take your breath away, including dozens of mesmerizing, never-before-seen images from Ian’s best-selling National Parks book. You’ve seen his images on the pages of your favorite magazines; now go behind the lens to see the complete story and the fascinating outtakes that may not have made it to print. The App also features Ian’s Photo Journal with lots of planned live dispatches from the field; lengthy in-the-field videos, and tons of in-depth stories.

Another outstanding feature of this trend-setting photographer’s App are Extensive updates, expanded sections and new developments are already set in motion for the future to which you will receive exclusive access to, unavailable anywhere else.

So grab your camera and prepare yourself for what was designed to be the most exciting and fun photography adventure you can experience on your iPad!

This app also includes the following features:

• Field Guide to Photographing the American Wilderness. Ian’s first “how-to” book that provides technicals details and thought-processes Ian’s most popular photos including many of his well-known National Park photos. This section will constantly grow and update as Ian continues shooting and adding new work.
• Interactive Guide to Ian’s Camera bag
• Photo Journal, live photo dispatches from the field.
• In-Depth photo stories feature Ian’s award winning work
• Moving Pictures – video
• Over 200 breath taking photographs most never seen until now

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